iOS Alert

– Everyone has one or several email accounts
– Everyone receives too many emails every single day
– Everyone has to filter manually through this information
– Apple does not allow third party email clients on iOS to work in the background and receive real time push email
– Apple does not allow third party software to filter trough email content received by the built-in email client on iOS
– It is not possible to set conditions in the native Apple email client to filter and alert you for only important and urgent information received via email

iOS Alert Solution
– Combining the power of Microsoft Outlook based rules and filters with the real time push email of the native Apple iOS client to trigger important and urgent event alerts
– Easily define filters for important information and events from your email communications
– Configure sound alerts on your iOS device to notify you in real time when push email contains important or urgent information you need to know and act right away

Enterprise Solution
– Deployment of in-house messaging server appliance as a secure and highly available alerting platform
– Intergration and consulting services
– Ongoing support

Personal Solution
– Hosted enterprise level personal mailbox with 5 GB mailbox storage and support for all major email clients and protocols
– Latest messaging technology for easy email access – anytime, anywhere, from any device
– iOS application to manage and modify your custom information events and alerts

Download the full presentation of the solution from here: